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Why is it Special?

Powerfull Tools

All features are strongly configured: preparation of invoices and vouchers in awesome environment, and reporting true figues.


Yes! customization vary regarding different aspects so we do what our client expects and suggest for their companies.

Technical Support

What we have started is the plan to facilitate community and we wish facilitation should be accompanied with guidance and communication.

Awesome Features


For any business, there is need to preapre invoices and vouchers. We designed and formulated a perfect invoice and voucher format that is easy and functional.

Appositioning (Branch Management)

No doubt, today business exapnding worldwide, so need branch management. We systemise inventory, accouting and financial managment branch wise. Reports can be manipualted and filtered while managing branches.

Reporting and Graphical Presentations

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Every business has to pay taxes on sales and other transactions. So invoices has been formulated with tax calculations. Where tax figure is viewable on ivoices, the software also generate Sales Tax Report which can be filtered date wise, branch wise and customer wise.

Approval Authorization Prior to Actual Entry

We consdier the function of approval prior to make an affective entry. An authorized person can approve entries prepared by staff. After having approved it would affect actual figures whether these are monetery or quatity of stock items.