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TrapAccounting is an accounting software which has all you need to keep records automatically for your business. Cash flow, inventory management, invoicing, expenses vouchers, financial reports and many other functions have been built therein.

Invoicing and Vouching

Very first step regarding concern between business transactions and to keep in record is invoicing and vouching. This is the gate-way where we tell the software and do something in practically and then we would be in position to get reports automatically after a single or couple of clicks. We deigned it as the operator would be easy and confident what he going to record. Accordingly he would be familiar these records in reports generated automatically.

Inventory Management

This section facilitate to record purchase, sale, inter-branch stock transfer and stock adjustment of merchandise. Inventory reports would be concluded automatically.

Cash Flow

Different cash accounts can be prepared and used in preparation of many documents as invoicing, vouchers and other journal entries. Accordingly cash flow can be reported date wise and account wise.

Clients and Vendors

The software assists to record every transaction with clients and vendors and report accurately while presenting account ledger of each one. ‘Statement of Account Receivable’ and ‘Statement of Accounts Payable’ is available under menu of ‘Financial Reports’ while filtering date, branch, single account and other variables.

TrapAccounting developed panel which facilitate operators to access to functions and mange things in the way how they feel easy.

This is the research team of TrapAccounting which innovate the software as what today asks for. Technical help is available in different form which you would feel easy to access to our team. You can discuss at forum in community, read our blogs which discuss about new trends, direct contact us through contact panel or generate ticket specifically.

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