The new shipping policy is also being praised internationally, Ali Zaidi said

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi said that the new shipping policy is being appreciated not only domestically but also internationally.

Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, in an exclusive interview with Jang, said that the new shipping policy is to bring in foreign investment in the shipping sector and save Pakistan 5 billion annually in foreign exchange to Pakistan. Plays in Fred's case.

Ali Zaidi said that under the new shipping policy, companies bringing new ships in the maritime trade sector would be paid the price of freight in Pakistani Rupees, which would help secure Pakistan's heavy foreign exchange.

Ali Zaidi said that the new shipping policy is being appreciated not only domestically but also internationally and soon Pakistan will get far reaching results of the new shipping policy. A question asked the federal minister how foreign investors would be attracted to invest in Pakistan if they have to pay ship installments in dollars, pay employees in dollars, buy oil in dollars If so, how will they be able to get Fred in Pakistani Rupees and pay in dollars?

In response to this question, Ali Zaidi said that the SBP could provide loans at easy mark-up for the purchase of the aircraft, while Fred's payment would be made according to the exchange rate of the dollar in rupees, which would enable the investor to cover his expenses. The Federal Minister said that many domestic and foreign investors have approached for investment in the shipping sector. Soon many flag carriers will be operating in Pakistan. The Federal Minister said that many private companies have also approached for ferry service in Pakistan and the people will soon get good news in this regard.

Asked how many private companies have so far announced their investments in the country, the federal minister said, "It is a great achievement of our government to introduce a new policy." After that, it is expected that many investors will now invest in this sector. Referring to the cancellation of the 1,000-yard industrial plot project by the previous government for overseas Pakistanis, the Federal Minister said that the project had been canceled under the previous government as people had started trading plots against which we strongly oppose. Are

Some of the land in Port Qasim had been confiscated, so the project has been canceled and refunds have been made to the Allies.


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