New alignment of the region, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Nepal agree to increase cooperation

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Nepal attended a video conference yesterday in which it was agreed to enhance cooperation in tackling the Corona epidemic and reviving the economies.

The meeting is being seen as a new alignment between the countries of the region, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jie hosting a video conference, his recorded statement due to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi's engagements. Speaking at the conference, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Khusro Bakhtiar represented Pakistan at the conference. In his statement, Shah Mehmood Qureshi thanked the Chinese Foreign Minister for holding a video conference on the Corona epidemic situation. The four countries participating in the conference will be helped to formulate a joint strategy to deal with this global epidemic.

The conference is important in light of the fact that China has been playing a leading role in the region in the past few weeks against the Corona epidemic, but India is not included in these regional initiatives, which indicate a new alignment in the region, experts say. This new development by China has given Pakistan an opportunity to re-establish relations with other countries in the region, including Bangladesh.

Pakistan is also looking to further improve relations with Nepal, as Nepal is now free from Indian influence. Wants to help restore China so that China can then reorganize the region, which is obviously a matter of concern for India and its Western allies.


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