Virtual Assistance

TrapAccounting offers virtual assistance while hiring professional and hard-working assistant virtually. This system would work at very low cost as to support our clients but do very effeciently to bring updated records correctly. As TrapAccounting/TAP run this application so it understand better.

There are three categories of virtual assistance with pricing.

1. Virtual Accountant (Account/Inventory) Subscription: PKR 10000 Per Month
2. Virtual Assistant (All Department Functions) Subscription: PKR 15000 Per Month
3. Virtual Intrnal Auditor (Internal Audit) Subscription: PKR 12000 Per Month

You need only to share information in virtual conference room, virtual assistant available there would work. Information can be in form of text, audio, video and files. We would allow these forms when you subscribe our virtual assistance programme.

Contact on whatsapp Number +92 3 3 3 2 2 2 4


Admin is a sepecific profile which control the web portal 'TrapAccounting'.



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