Features : : TrapAccounting

Management Sections

Branch Management

No doubt, today business exapnding worldwide, so need branch management. We systemise inventory, accouting and financial managment branch wise. Reports can be manipualted and filtered while managing branches.

Accounts Management

Any document is prepared for any certain account, so we designed a panel through which you can create many accounts easily and while updating their specifications.

Transaction Sections


For any business, there is need to preapre invoices and vouchers. We designed and formulated a perfect invoice and voucher format that is easy and functional.

Receipts and Payment Vouchers

There is need to receive amount from debtors/clients and pay amoount to accounts payables or vendors. Seperately we are providing panels for both receipts and payments.

Inter-Branch Stock Transfer

When there are more than one station need to transfer stock from one satation to other one so we provide this option. We maintain stocks branch wise in reports.

Stock Adjustment

When there is difference between actual stock and stock on reports. You have an option to settle the figures.