Features : : TrapAccounting

Server’s Management

1. Online/Offline Versions
2. Synchronization (bringing together online and offline data)
3. Mobile Friendly (It can be used on any mobile browser)
4. Android Application

Biometric (Upcoming)

5. Biometric Attachment (for login and other security concerns)

POS (Point of Sale)

6. POS Invoicing (while attaching Barcode Scanner and Printer)

Approval Check

7. Approval Check (Approval Check on Invoicing, Vouching and other like adding/editing users, branches etc.)
8. SMS Alerts for Approval


9. Multi-Company (Within application, multi-companies can be managed on both local and web servers)

Branch Management

10. Multi-Branch
11. Add/Edit/Delete
12. All Reports Branch Wise
13. Inter-Branch Stock Transfer and Reports


14. Sales Invoicing and Reports
15. Purchase Invoicing and Reports


16. Journal, Receipt and Payment Vouchers

Manufacturing and Assembling

17. Manufacturing/Assembling Products

Reports and Statements

18. General Reports (Cash, Debtors, Creditors and for every head of accounts)
19. Financial Reports (Trial Balance, Cost of Sale Report, Gross Profit, Net Profit and Statement of Financial Position)

Accounts Management

20. Account Add/Edit/Delete
21. Chart of Accounts
22. Accounts Addition with Opening Balances

Inventory Management

23. Product Add/Edit/Delete
24. Product Addition with Opening Quantity/Balance, Minimum Stock-Limit Alert/Detector
25. Stock Adjustments


26. Internal Audit (Upcoming)

Tools and Features Built-in

27. Tools: PDF Files, Documents-Email (Upcoming), CSV/MS Excel, Printing (Normal Printer, POS Printer), Search Filter, Calculator

Users’ Management

28. Multi-Users
29. Users’ Authorizations
30. Users’ Online Available Detector
31. Users’ Management (Add/Edit/Delete, Login Information, Activity Check)


32. Payroll Management (Upcoming)


33. Taxation Management


34. Company Profile (Upcoming)
35. Database Management (You can manage and download database)
36. Two Templates: Classical and Dynamic Template
37. Factory Setting (Application can be set to default)
38. Transactional Error Detector (It is based on ‘Trial Balance’ and it would check any error in transactions)